Could it be that Amazon will allow us to buy our vitamins, electronic accessories, books, and gadgets with…CryptoCurrency!

All from the comfort of your home with “One Click”.

That would be awesome right! Well…

On October 31st Amazon registered not just one, but three domain names related to cryptocurrency: has been owned by Amazon since 2013.

So what should we be expecting?…

Amazon hasn’t exactly confirmed that they will be accepting cryptocurrency. In fact in a recent interview Amazon Pay’s VP said that there wasn’t enough of a demand to start doing so. That being said, just the fact they are buying the .com’s shows how quickly the demand is growing. Five years ago people hardly knew what Ethereum or Litecoin was and Bitcoin to most was just a misconstude form of paying for illegal items on the “dark web”.

Thankfuly the stigma of the “Silk Road” is starting to thaw as people are learning the multitude of uses for bitcoin and blockchain technology. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencys as a payment for Amazon goods would mean more people around the world would could participate. Bypassing currency exchange rates and the abilty to automate so many aspects of the business. Imagine a vending machine that orders its own product when running low and has deliveries by amazon drones all programed and paid through bitcoin.

Alibaba better watch out!

Let’s raise the demand and tell amazon to start accepting crypto payments. Meeting the demands of their consumers means the customers must demand! Use this Link here to write them a message and let them know!

Comment to Amazon Link:

And here is a petition from petitioning Jeff Bezos to start accepting Cryptocurrency payments:

Amazon buys cryptocurrency domains.
That would be Awesome!



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